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Artists began moving to Bisbee in the mid-1970's after Phelps-Dodge wound down its primary mining operation. Delightful weather, inspirational surroundings and, of course, inexpensive housing were all part of the draw. Though houses are no longer inexpensive, weather and surroundings haven't really changed during the past four decades and artists are still attracted to the charming, quirky, unusual, unique (pile on the adjectives, it's all still true) community.

Tad Cheyenne Miller (Tad Cheyenne Schutt when she first arrived here) moved to Bisbee in 1994. Already known for her watercolor creations, the intriguing amalgam of Southeast Arizona light and color was too much for her to pass up. She bought a house. Not just any house, either. Tad's new home perched high over Brewery Gulch (see the image below right) with a view far past the Lavender Pit and south to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. The view, the town, the house fit together perfectly. Eventually Tad purchased the house next to her first home, turned it into a studio dedicated to her work then created the Sleepy Dog Guest House for visitors. (See Tad's art website here.)

Now, you can spend a weekend, a week--it's up to you--living in Tad Cheyenne Miller's Opera Drive home. You can awaken to the sound of birds, ponder the view south into Mexico, breathe the fresh air and revel in the privacy her home provides. Sit on the porch or at a table in the yard. Bring Rover with you, he (she or it) is welcome to visit, too. After all, you're staying at the Sleepy Dog Guest House.

The house has refinished wood floors, comfortable dining and living areas, a king-bed and absolutely breath-taking views. A secluded yard provides privacy and, of course, that view. Decorations are Tad Cheyenne Miller eclectic, including several examples of her watercolors. (Photos to your left and at the bottom are linked to a higher resolution image that comes up in a separate frame. Just click...)

Click here to bring up the Sleepy Dog Guest House website for further details and contact information so you can make your reservation.

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